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Hey There! I'm an eclectic, solitary witch. I am passionate of the magickal arts and specialize  in many parts of the lives of individuals to fulfill their goals through magick practice. It is my intention to help others ramp up their full potential in areas in life for infinite possibilities.

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About Jodene Dawn — The Witch

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Hi, I'm Jodene, and it's so great to have you here!

for it and use it in most of my day to day life. Alongside with that I am solitary eclectic pagan witch and follow many systems including; green witchcraft traditions, celtic, Italian magick, grey magick, folk magick, hoodoo and a couple more to my practice.


I explored this path early all throughout years and would often times enough follow some traditions that has sort of led me to dwell in that faith for myself. I initially began the craft myself in my late teen years. Over time, I deeply immersed into growing with my intuition, and practiced with consciousness so I could be empowered through my own discipline, abilities I heed for years. In the end, I encountered knowledge, which does a great favor to suiting to what my spiritual path was and what worked well for me. So much of the experience has gave me indubitably efficient results.


Today, following the  path, I give connection and honors to the world around me—practicing meditation, holding a small ritual, attuning to the sabbaths does a role in growth and development to in which I believe in. I as well work with energy a.k.a. witchcraft and focus on spells, through many castings such as incantations, herbalism/potions, symbols, candle making, etc... there are many magickal functions that I have adapted to help respectfully focus of the intentions being cast.


I'm here in hopes to help others to achieve fulfillment, simply through the use of magickal practice workings. I am always welcoming to different discoveries! Magick is living through your will power and carrying it out to the Divine. As I see it, the world has so much to offer to help bring opportunities to our intents. Magick is accessible to everybody and can be reached through the vast universe that helps us create and build more it has to share. If you are seeking in for someone to conduct magick spells work for you, I will be right here to help others. So be ready to meet your favors or wills to reach your divine path-way to manifest desires and change to your life!


Come in and sit a spell!


I am — yes, indeed an actual witch, who's also a enthusiast of the mystic and obscure. Magick — a subject most would notion the thought in films wheareas representations of the stereotypical magic and witches in pointy hats, flying with a broom. I actually practice magick and had been using it for nearly 15 years. So in such that I have a keen passion