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Hey There! I'm an eclectic, solitary witch. I am passionate of the magickal arts and specialize  in many parts of the lives of individuals to fulfill their goals through magick practice. It is my intention to help others ramp up their full potential in areas in life for infinite possibilities.

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Q1: What happens next after placing an order?


When you have placed an order, you will have to be required to provide details upon your case for the casting then I will schedule a personal time given whereas I will undertake and produce your casting. The communication is managed by me solely and of coarse there is never any criticism when requesting.



Q2: What method of payment do you accept?


Paypal payment is the only way I accept purchases for now. It is secure and do not need to have an account to pay directly credit or debit card. I can not accept Western Union or Money Gram, etc; as there have been too many frauds. As well as checks that can get missing or strayed. Therefore, PayPal is a safer alternative and can accept credit or debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club and EnRoute.



Q3: There was a specific spell I want but its not listed in the shop, can you do it?


If there is a spell was not listed in store, you can contact me for custom spell work.



Q4: Is there a fee for consultations?


Not at all, this part is only needed for the service and casting itself, so you are eligible to reach me.



Q5: Is there a way you can get back an estranged/lost lover? How does it work?


There are varieties of ways of performing love spells and one on the most popular ways I produce them is using imitative magick. It can get the target to feel receptive enough to you and reinforce the connection of relationship between you and target, and can also remove the negativity causing setbacks.



Q6: Can you do a money spell to make me rich?


There are money spells, but its not certain that there be ones for you to become rich. The money spells that I do would draw money efficiently towards your life though many means and opportunities. It should enable you to earn abundance and alleviate your situation depending on what you are financially trapped try to earn ways your money faster.



Q7: Do you offer any psychic readings?


No I do not, I am a witch who just cast spells. A witch and a psychic are two different things. However I will say that I can give you a follow up based upon your spell cast on your situation.



Q8: A loved one; or I is being abused; A loved one; or I suicidal, etc. Can you help?


Spells should not be advised for immediate or serious help. For any type of IMMEDIATE  emergency or CRISES situation stop and take immediate action to the police or call 911. Never delay. If suicidal it better to find psychiatric treatment, or call 1-800-SUICIDE: 1-800-784-2433 an available hotline open 24/7. Always find treatment that would work best for you.



Q9: Can you tell me your success rate? What can be done to make the spell work successful?


In my experience, theres been a great amount of clients have had successful results while there is some that probaply had not seen a change. When you do something that contradicts the spell work it can be hard to see a result. When it comes to making the spell work successful you need to keep in mind to refrain from things that hinder or negatively interfere with the work. For example: if a client wanted a more positive relationship with someone they should avoid complications that leads to argument, fight, etc. Or if one wanted to find a career they should not discourage or doubt themselves from trying to find one. Just pretty much allowing the casting to work as it needs to be for itself. If necessary I will provide instructions for the client. There is no need to fret.



Q10: How and when did you become a Pagan witch?


I grew immensely into it. I was in a Christo-Pagan family (dad- Lutheran, mom - Wiccan). I was encouraged to learn about ALL religions, when I made my own decisions, Paganism called me the most. I have grewn up studying the craft mastered it overtime.



Q11: Can you teach me to be a witch?


Practicing to become a witch takes time and study that can take years to perfect. Since most are not willing for the long dedication. I will not have the time to teach anyone on becoming a witch, but will only intend on using this website for spell cast services only. I aswell offer witchy/magick tips and info in the BOS. However, if you want to learn, you have to look for someone elsewhere who could teach you. If you want to start off yourself, here are some recommended books to get you started:


"The Witches Book of Wisdom" By: Patricia Telesco,

"Candle Burning Magick" By: Anna Riva

"Practical Candleburning Rituals: Spells & Rituals for Every Purpose" By: Raymond Buckland

"Witchcraft Today" By: Gerald Gardner

"The Magickal Household" By: Scott Cunningham & David Harrington



Q12: Whats the difference between Paganism, Wicca, and Witchcraft?


A common question. Paganism is used as an umbrella term to cover many non-Abrahamic religions. Many of such can follow Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, Wicca, etc. Paganism/Neo-Paganism is a very diverse religious tradition and is the belief system of earthy/nature-centered based traditional practices. Pagans, can as well believe in the Gods or Goddesses or also be polytheistic and follow many other different deities or gods & goddess. Wicca is a duo-theistic religion and natured-based religion started by Gerald Gardner of the belief of the gods & the goddesses or The Lord and The Lady, while some are also polytheistic and may have other deities they honor. Most Wiccans abide by the Wiccan Rede and hold the threefold law "An it harm none, do what ye will." Many will often celebrate the 8 wheels of the year (Sabbaths), attend covens, or do their own religious routines. Wicca follows under the umbrella terms of Paganism, but a Pagan does not have to be Wiccan to be Pagan. Witchcraft is an practical art/magickal craft that does not necessarily require any religious practice. It is simply a skill many people can use which means you don't have to be Pagan or Wiccan to practice it.



Q13: Why are some of your spells inexpensive than the others? Are they less effective?


It is to my understanding that a castings should be charged at its reasonable priced manner, so the price should not determine on the effectiveness or capabilities. I believe it that should be attainable for anyone who wants to use low budgeted services so everyone can afford. Especially when its your natural talent or ability to do so.



Q14: Do you perform recasts? Is there a fee?


Yes, if I think the casting is needy for it, there will be no fee for it.



Q15: It has been over 7 days after sending an email but haven't got a reply?


Rarely, this ever happens, but if it does, check in your spam or junk folder in your email. Otherwise, there will always be an update in the noticeboard for emergency or break I may be on. If it so happens to be the case, usually I will announce time before a break/vacation. Or if in a rare case scenario, there happens to be an internet disruption, of coarse I do not, and repeat will not forget or any my clients work. I dedicate my wo about work each client.



Q16: Do you accept refunds?


Refunds can be accepted by me if in certain circumstances, the spell could not have been well attainable. Otherwise if the spell has already have been casted sometimes I can only give partial amount given. As a witch myself who speculate great amount of vast time and energy. This cannot always get substituted. This can not be fair to the service itself or can be used for any other client either. Therefore, you have to make your initial decision once you purchase, as it could not be refunded at all times.



Q17: Do moon phases matter in my spell work?


Though it is common for some witches to traditionally use moon phases in spellwork. Moon phases aren't necessary for the spell to work, but it may be useful to give the spell casting more energy when working.



Q18: Are biological items or photos needed?


Normally I just focus on the intention, energy, and emotion during spellwork of my client. If necessary you will be informed so. I also do not share photos of my services as its against my ethics. I aim to keep a secure connection between the client and I. I am against anything to do with associated with frauds or blackmailing, that often enough times fake scam spell casters use to threaten or manipulate customers into buying into their gimmicks.



Q19: Is there a telephone number I can all you by?


No, I will no longer will accept calls but will only accept support by email, it is more convenient since info can be organised to the right person. Because there can be so many people, calls by telephone can cause a mix up and can often times miss important information that will need to be noted.



Q20: How long does it take for you to respond?


It mostly takes 0-48 hours after sending an email. Usually before than 24 hours. Remember I may not be able to respond to everything long written



Q21: Is there a certain day you respond?


I generally respond mostly by weekdays (Mondays-Fridays) If you happen to sent an email on weekends you sometimes will get a response, if not, there should be a responce by Monday.

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