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Hey There! I'm an eclectic, solitary witch. I am passionate of the magickal arts and specialize  in many parts of the lives of individuals to fulfill their goals through magick practice. It is my intention to help others ramp up their full potential in areas in life for infinite possibilities.

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Have a look below to see what some clients had to say! The following feedback is from previous clients. Several of the names in the reviews may been abbreviated/initialized for anonymity.

Sonya S. said:


"Having a great feeling  after this today. 5 stars"



Natalie F. said:


"This is EXCELLENT!!! I am happy that i have found this. Best of all jodene really tries the best to make sure she can do what she can to help her clients. I would definetly recommend. really great person to trust!"



Tessa Obrian. said:


"Very helpful. Had received amazing maifestation within the past days."



David O.


"For the review of your service, I just want to say thank you for your incredible work,


I am really impressed with the effects of my spell. It had sucessfully worked. "



Hadley Dunn


"awesome work I did not think it was possible but the break up spell you gave me work wonderfully on the girl who was dating my ex. Glad I never have to see the sight of her again."



Maddison T.


All the things  Jodene has done for me was superb and I cannot thank her enough. All I have to say is that the money spell that was cast has really exceeded my expectation and have enough to look for a new house to live. I don't know what I could have done without her!! Thank you!



Melissa Mccool


I can't contain myself to say how lucky I am to find you. You are truly saved me. this worked immediately. I literally just was notified about my spell cast when it started. My love called and asked about seeing me. I kid you not! it was so quick when it happend. It wasn't even like 4 minutes later. great communication too. thank you.



Gianna Mullen


the spell helped me get the dream job i've always wanted. i've had so many doubts and this a dream come true.



Seth Gardner.


i went from failing interviews into getting multiple job oppertunities thanks to jodene



Andrea S.


no words can describe how thrilled I am. this has been great I've always wanted to achieve my dream body.however it was difficult, keeping healthy eating habits and daily routines.. at first I remembered feeling, if I should give up, or it was something that was a part of my genetics and couldn't change anything about it. But ever since the casting, the spell gave results faster than I expected it to be. My family had started to noticed too.



Stephanie Solomon


The spells really opened doors for me. I saw complete changes in my love life, career, you name it. I am supposedly, receiving a raise from my boss so everything is moving very well currently right now.



Caroline Foster


The spell was extraordinary! It helped my fiance who was stuck in marriage in the future because he doesn't want to commit and holds back since he's scared things may get out of hand. This spell really helped with that part of our relationship he is so much more faithful towards me.



Kaliah W-


First off I just want to say amazing work. I held on for my ex because I thought he was worth it. And I wasted a lot of time and energy on these 'so called' spell casters which made me learn my lesson the hard way. I've lost endless amounts of money and its depressed me that I have been so stupid. It's only been awhile now from the casting and he message me :) Its feels great to feel in control of your own life and reconnect with the person you love.



L. Rebecca


I'm at loss for words, that court case spell helped me won a court case that I had been fighting for, for so long on getting the custody of my son who where taken by cps when someone filed a false report.



Anthony C.


Tremendous work I'm getting approached more in public by women.



Dana Jo Neal


I am pleased with the confidence spell everyday I seem to get better and better strangely I dont care what people have to say about me its helped me alot



Abbie Thompson


I am starting to notice some kind of results.  getting to the coffee shop, and ordering from one of the usual people behind the counter. I was greeted with such felicity, I noticed the woman who was behind the counter seemed just a little more friendly. Her smile was a little more engaging as she handed me my muffin. This never happens!!



Leo Anderson


To jodene, I'd like to say I am very pleased with the services. This is probably the best thing that I have got for myself. I've spent many sole years tinkering and living on computers, doing dorky things. I was known for being repelled by girls at clubs parties, saying awkwardly things. But even growing up getting better in looks. One thing I have lacked was being actively confident a big role in a charming, attractive persona. All I can say wow. after the confidence spell I have enough confidence to make a move and being more self assured  that makes woman go for me and find me a interesting, striking person to talk to.



Marie Jensen


The lotto spell works very well, my sister and I bought some tickets, yesterday I won $25 off a $3 scratch off ticket and today I develop into shock when my sister won $530 on a $1 ticket and $10 off the mega million. This really raises your luck and odds of the ticket you get. I've learned you'll have much better odds by getting the scratch off tickets than playing with the larger lotto games.



Gregg Wayman


Writing this while enjoying my time out on vacation - a true pleasure for someone who really wants to know if the financial spell works.



Emmy Harton


Wish I could have found Jodene sooner.. This spell has saved me from continuing to have a miserable life due to this narcissistic neighbor of mine who won't leave me alone. Its has only been 2 weeks now and she finally stopped bothering me and moved away to a different neighborhood. All I have to say to that woman is GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE!!



Amy Doyle


This faithful spell was fantastic, I was worrying that my boyfriend would try to get with another woman and now he won't even pay attention to her. I am absolutely loving this. A++



Jewel W.


The finished result of the spell was absolutely fantastic and went VERY well than I expected. If you need a spell caster, Jodene is definitely a go for it!



Erin B.


I am starting to see movement in the spell..he is starting to realize how much of a good person I am and how I really loved him, after he read my emails I sent him.



Kimberly T.


I didn't think these spells would work but now my faith is fully restored. This spell really help save my oldest from an toxic relationship with her bf. She had this abusive relationship that went on for years and months, and just kept holding back on someone who was mentally and physically abusing her. I felt him to be a bit controlling and quite manipulative. However, the break up spell cast has worked, Friday, she finally saw his true colors. She just realised how much better she deserved to be treated by him when he was hanging out with other girls including her own friend without her knowing and been nothing but rude to her. She just accepted the decision to just break up with him and move forward in her life. I think this was the best of her own good and could have been very horrible for her if she hadn't moved on earlier. So glad she is having the courage to move on and heal. Thanks tremendously!



Cruz R.


I have tried many other spell casting services out there and this was by -far- the most effective one i have ever tried. This surpass what I what I hoped for. This spell boost my abundance and kept me saving enough money faster.



Beatrice Orton


You did a splendid job on my ex and now he feels jealous everytime he looks at my pics, and figure he had the audacity to call me, now he know how it feels now to cheat on me ;)



Cambri Simmons


The break up spell Jodyne done for me resulted well with my ex who was cheating on me with my best friend. Previously, 2 months before I was dreaded that basically, I could not even stay in my own dorm room because my ex was always with my roommate Al***s. I used to hate it all the time I would see him and her and would break down crying. It devastated me because I had never felt so much pain in my life. I could not eat for days and could not sleep, it was the worst 3 weeks of my life. I find the spell to have worked because they both broke up. Even though, I had lost my boyfriend and best friend, prior to them dating, at least, I don't have to feel devastated anymore when i see them.



Ronnie M.


You can surely use Jodyne as a trustworthy spellcaster for her amazing work, i've been having hard time since me and my target, i honestly think we were compatible but she allowed her family to affect us because of our differences in religions to become the problem, regarding to the spell the spell you can see the change with her family accepts me.



Liam Conner


I had an overall fantastic experience with Jodene throughout helping me with the current relationship of my girlfriend. My relationship between me and my girlfriend had sparred a bit. Then a day came and she dumped me. It would be 8 months later and I still would be missing her. We had planned life together, and I would always see her as my wife, nothing else could compare & meeting others was hard. I felt the affection we had was genuine. I must admit I am impressed how far now it has become now with her after this returning spellcast, she has even moved back with me and feels more connected in the relationship.



Aimee Reed


Just bought my first ticket and just won £120



Charlotte Young


Working with Jodene was the greatest decision, I have ever made. If you are looking of spells for things, I can strongly recommend this as your first step route to success. I feel so lucky i found her.



Alex N.


I was having a rough marriage, but I feel positive with Jodene that she worked to make my marriage exceed. I sacrificed so much so much in my marriage but everything seemed to be falling-out. My wife told me how much she loved me, but never showed it or put in affection. She'd go out with her friends having fun and wanted attention from other man she claimed were "her friends". She knew it hurt me. I always felt like I wasn't enough for her. I felt she lied about loving me, being the guy she ever dreamed of. It came to a point I had to walk out on my two beautiful kids. I felt I lost apart of my soul-being, life, dreams, and family. She would never address about her infidelities to me face to face. It was painful to see that about someone you truly love. Without a doubt, I had been seeing actual improvement between the both of us since I had working with Jodie. Highly recommend. All time favorite working witch right now.



Gwen Perkins.


seeing starting to see him change.... For the past 4 weeks it was so hard when we split up, checking my phone every 10 minutes hoping he would message my phone, the suspense was killing me, now for the past 4 days he has messaged me a couple times. its like he misses me as much as i do too.



Kim T.


I received so many compliments today, I'm convinced it is the beauty&alluring spell, many people even my friends said i really looked beautiful.



Christopher L.


Thanks for casting the seduction spell. My fiancée really adored my physical attractions.



Amy Wright


She is the real deal. She did an remarkable job for a quick time swift time and working with her had been nothing but a extremely positive experience. The spell has helped my career and had already received positive feedback from my boss. Looking to be using her more in the future. I could not be any happier.



Krissy Mcneil


he seems so much more faithful to me now. no more insecurity in this relationship. :)



Nicole Miller


Accidentally founded Jodene, and turns out to be a miracle instead. As someone who was looking for a new partner in my life. I truly believe I found my first true love. A few months ago since i hired Jodene, i met this guy, who i met at a resturant I usually go to during my lunch break. I remembered I first saw this guy sitting down by the front tables. I literally felt a deep attachment to him. I remember glancing at him and he glanced at me back and gave me a gleeful smile back in a way that it seemed as we were meant for each other even if we didn't fully knew each other. It was one of the most craziest thing ever. I was talking to him and recalled him telling me about me being a soulmate to him. We kept in touch  after that and had our first date just 2 days later. For the most part, I must say it really was a great day for me. It did not take long before, we are planning to get married. I am so floored and astonished by the with the amazing work of Jodyne in the period of seven months. I will not regret a thing of choosing the decision of working with her. I almost feel this was in my destiny...



Leonardo A.


A huge thanks to you. these spells work wonders especially with the sensual seduction spell. It started off with flirting ended up to an affair with my target.



John H.


I wanted to thank you for your proficient work. I was someone who have been scammed before many times. Since I am one of those types who want everything done now.I was also unaware on when to find or differentiate a con-artist to genuine spell caster. But after, i hired Jodene I have immensely seen results had showed movement at the the perfect timing. i know i can be kind of impatient sometimes so i appreciate jodene for being patient with me the entire process of the way. Thank you.



Sophie Mitchelle


I have worked with Jodene for the last 7 months, and, can say i am stunned, how well she was able to help me. Her work definitely goes by everything I hoped would happened when I first contacted her. Well done :)



Jennifer P.


Jodyne I just want to say to you a massive thank you for your help!! Before I even knew about this. I had very little confidence in myself. People who take my kindness as for weakness. It was only a couple of days, and I am having faith in myself that I never thought I could ever have in myself. I am excited to finally be confident with myself all in at last. On top of that I see myself being much better in what I do too without doubting in myself. In general I feel comfortable in my own skin, which is great improvement for me. . . Thanks very much for casting the spell. I really did need it.



Ashley S.


You are a lifesaver! I am shocked how much earnings I received from this month compared to last month and didn't actually realize until seeing my paycheck!



Paul Williams


You are hands down, the greatest spell caster  I ever encountered. I was skeptical at first but then I thought, what do I have to lose? And certainly don't regret anything. I can definitely rely on you to deliver results for me again.



Ana Kingsley


This is great, in just about 2 weeks he is starting to notice me, and asked if we can exchange phone numbers. I am soo delighted. This is taking place.



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